Author: Gina Meagher

Gina Meagher was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of seventeen. At thirty-two, she was diagnosed with celiac disease. Understandably, both chronic conditions have been challenging and frustrating for her. But they've also been educational, and, over time, Gina has learned not only how to live with the conditions, but how to flourish in spite of them. There Is Something about Gina is the result of her desire to share her experiences and insights for the benefit of others who may be struggling with diabetes, celiac, or other chronic conditions. Gina has a unique perspective that is supportive and encouraging, practical and helpful. Currently the president of the Denver Metro Chapter of the Celiac Sprue Association, and founder of the Denver Chapter of the Incredible, Edible Gluten-Free Food Fairâ„¢, Gina is a frequent speaker on the subject of living with chronic conditions. She currently resides in Golden, Colorado, with her husband Jim.

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